Sunday, January 12, 2014

Worlds Finest #19 preview/interview

I was curious if this had gotten better since I stopped reading it. Doesn't look like it.

SPOILERS under the cut

In fact it doesn't look like I missed much since the ladies are still having the same problems. Kara doesn't know how to run her own business and is still mining the ocean floor for funds. She's still more concerned with partying than focusing on said business only grunting about lawyers being evil except for the cute male one she knows. If this was the old Kara Starr and Helena Wayne at least that Helena would be able to help since she was an actual lawyer. Kara is just unlikeable here and seems to half ass everything. I heard a rumor that there might be a new writer after Forever Evil, if that's true I might be interested.


  1. Well, I'm glad that I didn't read past the first issue or two either.

    Is it necessary to make Peej an idiot?

  2. Apparently the writer thinks it's who she is. Really this is the most insulting portrayal of women I've read in DCnU and I'm surprised more people haven't said more about it. The most I hear is how boring it is.