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Booster Gold #20 (Volume 1)

I'm not sure if Jurgens knew that Booster Gold was being cancelled prior to his planning stages for this arc. Regardless it does make me wonder why do a Rainbow Raider arc? And why do a serious take? Well except for the title of this part which sounds like something that should have been in Cry for Justice. I like to think Jurgens was being ironic about the color part because as we all know justice is blind.

Yeah, yeah I know. But this bad guy inspires me to make such jokes.


Title: "The Color of Justice"

 Booster's still blind from last issue and, well white. In the literal sense as in his skin, eyes, hair, clothes, etc. are all white. He doesn't know this of course but nevertheless is freaking out a little and tries to find the currently shut down Skeets by touch alone. After charging him up Skeets brings him back to the others who I must say not only take his lack of color well they don't even seem to notice. Jack Soo studies the problem and guesses the blindness is only temporary. He can do something about Booster the White and we have a scene that this arc is most infamous for. Seriously I saw panels of it way before I even got the series. Basically what we get is Booster with his eyes closed smiling fondly as his hair blows in the wind while he's colored by a rainbow. Yeah, that's pretty much what happens, or how it looks.

The insurance guy from last issue decided to give his company free publicity by saying Booster is working for them since he's already looking for the paintings. Now everyone thinks they have the hero in the back pocket which naturally ticks Booster off since it's the whole reason he didn't want to work for them in the first place. Despite him looking back this still befit the insurance company who doesn't care that he threatens to sue them. Booster wants to get the paintings back but Dirk points out he's in no shape and suggests they get Trixie to do it as Goldstar. Her protests are ignored as he looks for the suit but it's gone.

Dun dun DUN!

Michelle tries out the suit to fly around and try to figure out why her brother likes doing what he does. She assumes it's because of the power, which she thinks is addicting and doesn't want to give the suit back to Trixie. Thus we have the continued Carter tradition for stealing a superhero costume which will next be seen with the Supernova suit. But back to her thoughts on Booster, Michelle seems very convinced that the only reasons he became a hero is the fame and glory and then the power that comes with the suit. While those play a role there not the only reasons and it makes me wonder if she's being unfair or just doesn't know how much he changed. Sadly she doesn't get much time to see this as seven panels into her Goldstar test run she gets shot out of the sky. The evil looking kids from last issue are actually alien looking beings that decide to use her for their plans.

Rainbow Raider shows up making a threat to destroy an art museum if Morris isn't brought to him. I know I said he didn't do much to Morris last issue to make his hatred creditable but this is just silly. He literally had the man at his mercy and was able to stop the only person that could mount a rescue. It's like he forgot to actually get the guy and then remembered it later on. I could understand if RR was still stealing things saw Morris all alone then decided to get him but this is just unneeded. Why call more attention to yourself when you could get away with your crimes before without making demands? Yeah I know it's impossible for the Rainbow Raider to be subtle but if no one's stopping you anyway why waste your own time?

Booster shows up and tries to fake the fact he's still blind with Skeets directing him. A slip up in his aim clues RR in on what's going on. Realizing that sitting outside in the open was pretty dumb he goes inside to lure Booster after him. They fight and Skeets figures out what Morris did. Art catches fire and Booster appeals to the artist in RR to save the masterpieces. They do and Morris is exposed for his art theft. To  get his revenge on the guy that tarnished his image Booster buys the insurance company and fires the man. I would have sued him but I guess this works too. Meanwhile the aliens begin their plans intending to use Michelle for their invasion plot.

Overall: This was one of the lower points of the series. It wasn't horrible, just really corny and not as strong as most of this volume. Rainbow Raider has some of the cheesiest villain dialogue that never actually reaches the level where it can be humorous, which would have helped a lot. I think I would have gotten a kick out of this if it was played for laughs. As is a lot of the character actions don't make sense if you think about them. If I had to guess I think Jurgens liked exploring the idea of RR being a fellow artist but I'm not sure about the execution. RR was a bit dumb for holding an art museum hostage then having to save it once he set it on fire. I rather would have focused on the supporting cast which barely turn up during this arc. Michelle's scenes were a highlight although her character doesn't get nearly enough attention in this. Booster was pretty much all business and I found myself missing some off his earlier humor but having Skeets along helped a lot.

Next up I'll be looking into the Teen Titans cameos although technically that takes place prior to this in his cape wearing days.

Say What?: Trixie notices that Boosters accounts aren't the same and wonders what he's doing with the money. This is the first blatant warning signs of the Millennium  storyline.

Where does Rainbow Raider get off calling anyone a two-bit hero?

Questions Raised?: A booster shot recharges batteries instead of blowing them up? Good thing or Skeets wouldn't be around anymore.

Where was Superman when all of this went down? This is his city and I don't believe that he wouldn't be glad to show Booster how it was done. I could buy him getting a kick out of the bad PR. Booster was getting though.

Why doesn't Rainbow Raider ever show shock at Booster regaining his coloring?

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