Friday, January 31, 2014

Favorite RHATO scenes : Jason gives Suzie Su a shot

I was going to do a "how to improve titles I love" thing for this one but to be honest I don't feel like it. I want to do something more upbeat especially since I don't like Tynions' run. So instead I'll be focusing on the scenes I loved from Scott Lobdells' run. Things that said something about the characters and added something special.

Jason Gives Suzie Su a Shot (Red Hood and the Outlaws #8)


There's a somewhat similar scene later on in my list but I decided to separate them based on how they play out and Jasons' feelings on the characters. Suzie Su and her father ran a mob Jason took apart after he left the All Caste. She isn't a good person and as far as we see has no redeeming traits. This is a person that's nasty and deadly. Jason knows this but still takes no joy in shooting her. (RHATO #2)In fact he thinks to himself that he should be pleased to rid the world of such a person. But that's not the end for her. Jason realizes he was too soft because he didn't aim for a surefire lethal spot. Suzie ends up in a Gotham hospital and wants revenge. She has her armed men using patients as hostages ready to kill if her target doesn't show up.
Jason knows she'll do it but lets his friends take on the gunmen while he confronts Suzie. While searching for her it occurs to him that he feels bad for her. That maybe their not so different because she has another chance at life too. Of course Suzie is all about the revenge and attack full on. He's able to defeat her but offers her the choice to walk away. But Suzie makes it clear that she'll never give up until she kills him. Respecting her choice Jason pulls the trigger knowing that if he doesn't she'll make good on her promise.

Why I like it: I wasn't too thrilled with Suzie as a character when she was first introduced because I feared where Lobdell would go with it. This was partly based on rumors I heard. Nevertheless she did make Jason consider his actions as someone that was wronged by him directly. Suzie wasn't innocent which was entertaining but also made the idea of him weighing the choice more compelling. Because despite that he still wanted to give her a chance to prevent someone from following the same path he went down. Jason only shoots her to stop her from become a bigger threat.

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