Sunday, January 19, 2014

Custom Corner: Making a Rocafort styled tv Room Part 1

I dabbled in custom work for awhile. But I thought the most challenging project I could do would be to create a room/display based on artwork from a comic. I chose the tv room in Wayne Manor that Kenneth Rocafort did in Red Hood and the Outlaws #3. There's enough details in it too keep me busy but not enough to show the room in it's entirety. For example the wall to Jasons' right is never seen.


A lot of custom replicas are done in foam board. It's exactly what it sounds like and is easy to cut, paint and move as you wish. I tried it years ago when I first got interested in doing customs. While I can see it's use and have gone to sites that make masterpieces with it I can't say I'm a fan. Why? Well it's lightweight material that can easily be damaged. I want something stronger that wouldn't snap if a book falls on it. I've been in two earthquakes and during one of them a lot of things came flying off my shelves. So it has to be wood. This will be my first time working with the material for something other than shop work.

I took a board like the one above (birch plywood) and cut it into two pieces.

I've already painted  (although it got a little scratched up recently) the smaller part and cut out what appears to be a window. It will actually a shelf that's built inside the wall like the artwork. I'm going to experiment to see how I can bring it about in the actual model without making it look too clunky.

The second half of the cut board I need to trim down then make a doorway. I'm not going to make the stairs on either side of the room unless I plan on making more rooms or where the stairways led to. Right now this is just to see what I can do and how accurate I can be and filling in the missing elements. The furniture might be odds and ends I pick up but I'm still considering the likelihood that I'll have to make a few.

And for anyone that's wondering, yes I know that you usually paint after you cut but I wanted to get a better idea how it was coming together.

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