Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Outlaws get action figures!

Remember how I reviewed the previously best Starfire figure along with Blackfire and Nightstar? How I said Kori needed a better figure? This is it and it is AWESOME! Plus Red Hood FINALLY gets a figure based on the actual outfit he wears regularly! And Arsenal has a figure that doesn't make him look like a Green Arrow clone!

This looks like a beautiful sculpt and the paint job is amazing. Not quite in the style of Rocafort in the face or the top of the costume. That's seems to come from after Lobdell left and the artists started connecting the bra section to the shoulder pads. The hair does look like it was influenced by Rocafort and adds something to the piece. The flaming hair was tried before on the first comic based Starfire figure DC Direct did but it didn't look this good. There also seems to be a decent amount of movement. But we'll see if the actual figure looks as good in person once it's released. Sadly quality seems to go down from the display figures to the retail product.
Like Starfire the paint seems to be spot on, these look like they came off the page. I can't tell how articulated this is but I'm guessing it's not on the level of the Capullo figures.
This one isn't a real figure it's the digital design. Right now this is the one I'm a little disappointed in. There doesn't seem to be much articulation (again this isn't the actual figure to it might add it in) and I kind of wish it would have a extra like Kori and Roy. Kori has the flaming hair, Roy has the hat articulation, could Jason have an extra unmasked head? But one of the most WTF things is that the arms have these guards from the wrist until almost the elbows. There are spikes at the side and that can only be one thing, the electric wings Jason wore in issue 2. Why is that on the figure when it was only shown in that issue for a few panels? If it's an extra that can be switched out couldn't it be the head or the All Blades instead? Kinda weird to have that stuck on if it's not switchable.

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