Friday, August 29, 2014

Artist Designer Greg Capullo Line: Nightwing

I thought I might as well open this one since I have all of the Outlaws together. Things...things didn't turn out quite like I thought they would.

Comic Accurate Likeness: Much like the other Capullo line figures this has an excellent likeness to the art style. Not surprising since all of these figures are done by the same sculptor. The costume is from the first post-Flashpoint Nightwing uniform and the second will come in the regular new 52 line around September. I miss the blue since I never saw red as Dicks' color after his Robin days. (The picture of the Nightwing design I chose isn't done by Capullo and the lens eyes weren't red under him.) Visually there's no problem. RATING: 10

Sculpting: The grips in the hands are very narrow which is a pain to hold even the accessories that come with it. This seems to be a thing with the line as Talon needed some effort to hold weapons and Batman was a struggle just to hold his batarangs. The detail in the costume is definitely apparent. The scale has Dick about as tall as Batman with the same kind of build. I believe Dick was shorter in Capullos' art? Not 100% sure at the moment. But I'm pretty sure he didn't have a huge head. I noticed how small he makes the RHATO figures in caparison to his bulkiness.The Capullo Batmans' head also looks small when next to Nightwing. I'd like to have all these figures be in the came scale. This figure looks good but I dislike the hugeness and problem with the grip hands. RATING: 7

Paint Job: I haven't found anything major in this section.The errors on my Capullo figures seem to be genetic as Talon had some gold specks on his crotch and his great grandson has specks of missing black in the same area. It's not a huge deal breaker for me. RATING: 9

Articulation: Nightwing has the same articulation as Batman but you know what? I couldn't try mine out much. As soon as I opened it I barely moved the right foot and it instantly broke off. Look, I've seen arguments that DCC is for collectors so the quality shouldn't matter. That the figures shouldn't be moved around. Bull. If retail can pull off this with less breakage (I've rarely heard of any lately) and at a lower price? There's no reason DCC shouldn't be able to do so. While collectors might not play with the figures we do display them and that often means posing. Plus guess what, some people do give these to their kids as DCC is doing figures of the new 52 no one else is currently releasing. I could fix my problem with Green Arrow but this? I'm not sure if I can fix a ball joint and glue might be the only option. RATING: 4

Accessories: The two Eskrima sticks are the only items Nightwing comes with. Which would be fine if they fit better. Again having a extra head would be a nice add on for masked characters. Rating: 7

Comparison to other figures: Well if you take away the maddening breakage and the stiffness this is the best Nightwing figure so far.(Although I might get the one coming in September now.) While it won't flawlessly fit in with some of the new 52 figure due to the broadness in the form it should be fine for displays. I do believe other lines despite their flaws got some things better though. RATING: 7

Misc: Just wanted to add that so far none of the figures I bought have smelled bad since Talon. EDIT: I used the boil method to loosen the other joints. This also made it easier to put the weapons in the grip hands. The only joint I couldn't get to move was the waist swivel.

Overall: I am worried about moving more of the joints in case they break but I'll see if I can loosen them. Apparently freezing figures helps loosen joints but thanks to custom work I've also used the boiling water method. I'll post if this works at some point. The figure looks good but in some cases might need to be on a separate display to prevent the other figures from looking so slight.

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