Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Superman and the Man of Gold

Last week I saw the Booster Gold digest and I bought it assuming it was a's not. This is set in the Justice League Unlimited verse in The Man Of Steel series. Which is basically a book with ten illustrations. I haven't read it yet but here are some highlights from skimming.

The Discussion questions at the end, Rip Hunters' cameo (he gets a picture too) & Jurgens' ice cream. As for the favorite picture question, that's a hard one. There's Skeets in a police hat. Rip talking to Superman while Booster is being praised. Booster trying to keep himself from being crushed by his own image in the literal sense. There are others that I like but the winner has to be Booster carrying Lois down to a crowd of cheering fans while holding a ice cream cone in his other hand. All of the pictures with him give him so much personality.

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