Saturday, August 9, 2014

Red Hood and the Outlaws #30

I still can't find one of my Senenity Leaves on the Wind issues but I have found these. I figured it was time to ease my way back into the series after I misplaced this.


Roy considers his situation and how much it sucks. The odds aren't good since he's overmatched, currently alone and in space. Plus the baddies plan on using the ship for bad things. Without the others it looks like Roy will have to figure something out on his own.

Last issue hinted at Jason and Kori breaking into Shade but their first stop is actually the Blackhawk base. They come across a short man named Karl that asks if he can help them. Once he knows they want to borrow a ship he attacks which Kori deals with not knowing he's still in one piece. The ship they came for can't go into space and it's just used to get somewhere else.

Roy attacks the trio, unfortunately for him the plan doesn't work leading to him getting punched. This does however buy him time. Meanwhile his friends discuss the plan to steal a ship to get another ship. I have to say having a character state that the concept of the plot is nonsense doesn't make it sound any better. Yes Jason shrugs that off by saying how odd they are but I would have preferred a more straight forward story.

With his plan finally ready Roy uses his arrows to fry the villains. Kori and Jason enter Shades' base and even though Frankenstein isn't a member he's asked to stop them. Frank appears, there's a fight. They take the ship as Karl blows up stopping Frank.

Our leads finally contact each other (it seems Jason wants to do something else before meeting up with Roy) and Roy soon finds himself facing the main man. The old version of him.

Overall: Too much of the dialogue feels like clumsy exposition. Especially Kori reminding Jason she's from space and Jason randomly bragging about being in the LOA to Frank. I don't like how Frank suddenly changed his mind without any explanation for why he decided to help. Just have him show up without the exchange with Father Time. I would like to see Jason actually do something useful in a fight as Kori highlights the fact she's doing all the work. This feels like pointless cameos with the leads doing busy work. I'm not interested in this issue and can only hope the next one is better.

Questions Asked?: Why would Jason be traveling around without his helmet? They were already going after Roy to go up against dangerous bad guys. Having Kori flying him around with him just holding it seems kind of pointless.

The plot doesn't make much sense given what was set up before. I can kind of shrug off their ship/home suddenly being fixed enough to go into space. But the idea of them stealing transportation still feels dumb. Deciding to try breaking into a place that's radioactive that may or may not have a ship doesn't seem wise.

Under web? I'm not sure what that is but apparently Jason's source sucked.

Again with the LOA mention? The All Caste would have made more sense since they were all about weird stuff Jason wasn't used to. Plus this still makes no sense for Jason.

Say What?: Kori can apparently make an energy field with her powers now and it can restrain someone for a long time.

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