Sunday, August 10, 2014

Red Hood and the Outlaws #31

I'm not feeling Pfeifers' arc this far. Let's see if that can change for his last issue.


Roy recaps his story in this arc which ends with his current problem--Lobo trying to crush his neck. For some reason the main man feels like telling Roy his scheme and despite having trouble breathing Roy can still talk. Since he was in the middle of talking with his friends when he was attacked his commlink is still open. I have no idea when Lobo turned into a cliche that loves explaining himself to the guy he's killing to the point he's happy to correct Roy's' mistakes. Yes he's aware that the others are coming but he doesn't think their make it in time. It still feels off to have him say all this, promise to kill Roy then leave him alive to get back to his plan.

The trio that Roy took out are alive. Their ready to do whatever Lobo wants which he's okay with despite thanking Roy for taking them out last issue. I guess they recovered quickly. He goes on to gloat on how dumb the Outlaws are for using a war ship for a beach house (because it was previously broken) then gets mad because his hired goons interrupted his speech. Turns out the second ship Jason and Kori took can still surprise them as they teleport inside. The person they went after before getting Roy was the alien that attacked them on the island who knew how to find his crew. Somehow they got this information despite knocking him out previously?

They fight the trio with Jason once again looking bad and asking for Kori to bail him out. Before she does the Tamaranian jerkass distracts her by saying she's pathetic for following two beings from an inferior race. He's somehow able to use a verbal psionic trigger on her that takes Kori out of the fight. Seeing that their losing Roy steps back to make a plan. His nanotech teleport the baddies away although it didn't kill then. Lobo has tech know-how? I guess so because he figures out what Roy did then uses the nanotech to get rid of his hired thugs. He talks to himself then we cut back to the other version of him planning on seeing his pre-52 self. Or however this plot works.

Overall: The dialogue is bad, not as bad as Tynions' was but it doesn't suit the characters. A lot of it's corny. Some of it doesn't make any sense like Jason asking why Lobo hates Earth so much. He was listening to the conversation with Roy so he should know it's not about hate. The real question should be why did his mind change when Earth wasn't important before. Really, he said it wouldn't get enough attention to earn profit last issue.

The art has things happening for no reason like Lobo taking off Jason's helmet then apparently putting it back on in between panels.

Look, I love Roy but can't we have a story with him saving the day without making Kori and Jason look useless? Ironically all of this technically Roy's fault for repairing the ship because no one else would have been interested in doing that. This story just felt forgettable, something made just to have cameos and feels like it was done with very little rhyme or reason. To sum up this was a very "meh" issue and arc.

Question Raised?: How was Jason able to knock Lobo to his knees? The guy is a major powerhouse threat.

Jason's sword doesn't look like the All Blade and broke so I don't see the point in him using it. Why doesn't he have other weapons by now? He's a bat kid that regularly faces threats from space and mystical threats.

Say What?: Calling not only Jason but Kori humans?

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