Thursday, August 21, 2014

Getting Next Week!

Okay I'm finally caught up with my pull list, which isn't much but it's nice to be back on track.
  • Secret Origins 5: I don't plan on getting this often but for certain characters I will. This month has Jason Todd who's new 52 origin is a bit unclear at present. I'm hoping for more detail on his time as Robin, his old car theft origin to be restored and maybe some bonding with Alfred and the other guy, Bruce. No idea what we'll get with ten or so pages though.
  • DCC Arsenal and Red Hood. It's a Red Hood month with his cameos in other books, series and these action figures. Starfire came out last week but I'm holding off on a review until I have all of them together. 
After that it's September for a double dose of New Warriors and DCs' bleak future month. Red Robins' new figure too.


  1. I am not really looking forward to September for that reason.

  2. It's gonna hurt but hopefully some will be good stories.