Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Bane of having Favorite Characters


Have you ever had one of those days where you look for news about one of your favorite characters and get annoyed with what you find?

Me: Well no variant cover again. Might not be in Lego Batman 3 (although I'm pleased Booster is.) Let's see what's happening in comics.

(Skims online and finds scans of most recent appearance.)

Me: Oh goodie, their talking up character B that hasn't been nearly as good as my fave claims. Not in the relaunch anyway, and it's the same character that's done nothing but treat them like crap for most of their appearances together. Now their letting character B beat them up, saying how great they are while still mentioning something crappy B did to them.

(See a interview for a book one of my faves will be appearing in. I'm a little leery since the last thing I read from the writer ticked me off and that had to do with another of my favorites being written bad. Still curious though since it has to do with the book's' lead. They seemed to get along with each other alright.)

Me: ...Wait are they implying...? No, they wouldn't. They said it was going to be a surprise so it wouldn't be the same person. But later on in the interview they word it like there's an attraction or possible obsession my fave has for the lead...It sounds like a bad thing based on how it's phrased. Please tell me their not going to make this creepy. They had a cute interaction before!