Monday, August 18, 2014

Batman and Robin #34 Preview

This is why I quit getting this series. I'm curious enough with the cameos to take a peek but this problem never gets properly addressed. It's so infuriating that this behavior keeps getting ignored. Needless to say these are my unhappy thoughts on the preview.


First of all who gives a damn about DOTF? Really. Because no one there except Tim seemed to carry that grudge last time they spoke to him in this title. Even in other titles as Barbara told Dick they should get over it in Forever Evil. Jason just wanted to leave--oh yeah and almost had his face burned off as a goodbye gift from the Joker. That was the traumatic event for him not the fake face. Tomasi even talked to Tynion about the fall out and had Jason staying over to recover. Bruce and him were actually mending their relationship before Bruce betrayed his trust by bringing him to the site he died. Not to mention Bruce treating the others horribly. Barbara was practically begging him to be Robin because she desperately needed approval (although I think she was in the wrong there.) Now everyone has suddenly forgotten what he did to focus on something two of them already got over?

You know I normally love Alfred so the fact he's defending Bruce shouldn't piss me off. Usually he doesn't take sides just tries to bring order. Is he really so ignorant to what Bruce did or does he just not care? Bringing up the fact their mad over the fake faces only makes this confrontation more pointless. He really has no reaction to them revealing the shitty things Bruce did? Who is this because Alfred would be just as angry about the Jason thing.

Yes they bring up the fact Bruce tries to justify his dark actions and what he did to them. But that should have been the first and most important thing they say not DOTF. It makes those events seem trivial, like a footnote.

Bruce promising to tell the truth is bullshit which makes this very frustrating to read. Does anyone think he ever would admit he acted like an ass and a complete monster to his family? Not here at least because apparently if you're a Wayne you don't need to apologize as everyone else is in the wrong. Does Bruce tell them that he entered Arkham and showed Joker his face? Of course not nor does Alfred inform them. And isn't it just so ironic that he only decided to have this talk when he needed them. I sincerely doubt he'll tell them that Dick is alive so Bruce is still a lying jackass just trying to get what he wants at the expense of everyone else. He's learned nothing and doesn't even say he's sorry! Why would he if he's not sorry to begin with?

Not only that but their letting him boss them around? Because he'll be so hard on himself? Yep more B.S. because never gets held accountable as this shows!

And they all instantly accept his non-apology?! Bullshit! Barbara I can buy because of FE and not getting the worst treatment out of the three. Tim is so-so because we know that he still blames Bruce for Dicks' death. And Jason? Are you fucking kidding me?! There's no way he should forgive Bruce like this. If you're a writer that puts forth a character acting cruel to others you should be able to address it in a realistic fashion. Bruce basically told Jason he wasn't important, that his suffering didn't matter and he should happily be a tool for Bruce to use. That's worse than allowing Joker to live! But instead of focusing on a tale that's interesting we get the lazy way out.

Jason is right, this is crap.

Questions Raised?: So they all came together last in DOTF huh? What about Dicks' funeral?

Did You Notice?: For some reason Tim is taller than Jason for a panel?


  1. Being Batman means never having to say you're sorry I guess.

  2. The thing is other writers have the characters telling him off! I can't stand this take Tomasi is using.