Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Barbaras' Anger Issues

I found this post showing some examples of Barbara lashing out at others in the new 52. Gail Simone weighs in on this as well.

Thoughts below.

Gail Simone: Dead on. Batgirl had a lot of anger issues, and some of them involve lashing out.
The difference, I think, is that she comes to realize she’s doing it, and that it’s wrong.

Does Barbara realize it's wrong? I ask because I rarely see her apologize or try to improve herself. I admit I'm not up to date with some books like Eternal although I've seen this anger in other appearances too. It bugs me because if this was anyone else this would lead to the character being labeled reckless. In fact it's been done with Stephanie and Cass to a degree (before the drugs turn you evil period.) Wasn't that the line the bat office has been running to the ground about Jason especially for his mostly retconned Robin period? Hasn't it been a problem with Damian too? Why does Barbara get a pass for lashing out at others and being hard to work with? Because of her recent recovery? She's not the only one with PTS.

I don't mind her having flaws, she had them before the relaunch. It'd be nice to see her work on improving herself and admitting she was wrong to the people she hurt though.* I think there's more than anger at work here as some of this seems to do with pride.

 *Yes I know that she did this with Helena Wayne but she knew what she was doing was wrong as she attacked. She still did it just shrugging that she'd apologize if she was wrong. Why couldn't she handle it intelligently and realize Helena wasn't attacking? That's when you know the anger issues do make her reckless and negatively reflects on her.

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