Thursday, August 14, 2014

Red Hood and the Outlaws #33

This issue has Kori once again taking center stage as her past is explored.


After being freed from slavery Kori visits other planets on a good will tour to inspire others. She's aware that her story is being used to make people feel better about themselves but that's okay since she's using it as a cover. At this point she's keeping he  powers a secret as she follows her Intel to attempt to uncover what's being hidden by the high lords. Going into the dungeon she attacks the guards disgusted by the orders they chose to follow. She and her crew from the Starfire free the slaves. This was the purpose of all her goodwill tours--to free others from the same plight she had suffered.

In present day Jason and Roy enter the ship to see what freaked Kori out. They find the remains of bodies that Jason reasons must have been slaves looking for Kori but dying before they found her. Kirk Langstrom makes the mistake of suggesting Kori could have been trafficking aliens without their knowledge. Roy points out that she was a slave and not liking being threatened Kirk turns into Man-Bat. Meanwhile Kori attacks a hive of aliens hidden on Earth looking for answers only to face giant alien thug.

Overall: A nice Kori piece that shows her backstory a little better. Roy and Jason don't really do much and Shade doesn't seem important to the story anymore. I'm curious how this will workout with the drug plot the solicits have mentioned. Which we've seen from Roy can leave a negative impact on the character that never really leaves. I have nothing really to add on this issue except to say it was a positive spotlight on Kori. For anyone that doesn't think Lobdell understands the character read this issue.

Question Raised? How old is Kori supposed to be in the flashback? I guessed she was supposed to be Dicks' age but it's confusing when compared to the art Rocafort previously did. This and Secret Origins have her at young teen in art. This takes place after she won her freedom which Rocafort drew her looking about the same as present day Kori. According to the text she was imprisoned for almost ten years.

Again why does Jason reveal his face to others?

I'm not sure why Kirk is so pissy. He kidnapped them then accused their friend of being a slaver. Does he normally have mood swings? Also how would it make sense for Kori to be a slaver? Even he translated that the message the aliens left was that she was their last hope. She freaked out at the sight of the bodies and didn't know what was inside prior.

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