Sunday, July 19, 2015

Are You a Superman fan or a Batman fan?

This is the typical comic book fan question many ask. I like to think Wonder Woman is excluded only because she represents the middle ground between the two extreme. Some have asked whether people pick Batman because he's more relatable as a human that suffered loss or a wish fulfillment of being rich. Do I prefer Batman? Techically yes but it's more his mythos. I actually enjoy his family far more than him.

The Robins and Batgirls are closer to the audience than any of the Trinity. In the case of (most of ) the Robins (and pre-Flashpoint Cassandra Cain) their more than sidekicks their the heroes' kids either by blood or adoption. You don't really have that with Clark or Diana (with the exception of Chris Kent.) There's something very special these bat kids. Yes Bruce can be the biggest ass but there's something rather touching about him choosing them and building a surrogate family. Unless of course you read that as him putting together an army of disposable soldiers. (My dad was disturbed to learn how many their have been.)

So I guess what I'm saying is I'm more interested in Batman just because of the characters around him.


  1. I think I have a similar opinion. I like Batman supporting cast more than I like him

  2. I like Batman best when he's not being an ass but his family are all such rich characters they not only can stand on their own, they make him better.

  3. Quite the paradox don't you think? Batman is traditionally associated to the "lone wolf" archtype while Superman is on of the most social characters out there and yet, Batman is the one with a massive and incredible popular supporting cast.

    As for your question, I'm more of a Batman fan because Superman is too "perfect" and powerful making him somewhat unrelatable. I enjoyed Man of Steel precisely because it depicted a fallible and doubtful Superman. Full diclosure tho, I'm a biggest fan of Jason than Bruce.

  4. True although Clark would likely treat them better than Bruce. Again it depends on how Bruce is depicted but I always like him creating a family for himself.

    Superman is special. I've never faulted him for this because it's nice to see a character that represents hope. I do like his mythos and seeing him balance off other characters. Of course he has lots of Superdickery moments so I wouldn't say he's perfect.

    Jason is my favorite Robin, Cassandra is my favorite Batgirl and Bruce is near the bottom of my list of bat characters. I don't hate him but he's not as interesting.