Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Short Review: Green Lantern Lost Army #1

GLs lost in space.


Pretty enjoyable as it picks up where the Sneak Peek left off. No one trusts Krona, for some reason Guy has two rings (even he doesn't know why) and no one has any idea what's going on. Oh and a shapeshifting member takes on Guys' appearance to the horror of his teammates. There was nothing I disliked and it has the same vibe as GLC which is definitely a positive. I kind of want to follow this although I'm not sure if I can budget it which means another potential trade to wait. I feel like there might be some new series on the horizon so I'm a little hesitant at getting many ongoing titles. We'll see if anything is coming up soon enough.

The characters are ones I'm either fond of or curious about. John is the lead and he's well suited for the role. After seeing him sidelined so much it's nice to see him shine again. Guys' entrance was definitely worth the wait. I actually like the new look and seeing him wielding two rings. Since everyone else are drained of half of their energy he might be the powerhouse. A great read that makes up for the mostly lackluster We Are Robin.


  1. I liked it a lot. Pretty art, and Guy. That's all I really need, because I'm easy.

  2. Good characterzarion too which is always a must for me.

  3. While the twist was pretty obvious a few page in, it was still a pretty enjoyable story. Shame that it keeps dragging around the idiocy of the Light Reservoir.

  4. As long as it's enjoyable I don't mind it being obvious. It was nice to read a solid GL book after being away for so long.