Friday, July 24, 2015

I might get this just to figure out what's going on

I think this is implying the Titans might have existed in DCnU before Tims' team? The solicit mentions the original Titans (Dick, Donna, etc.) which raises a lot of questions considering the new origins. Roy Harper had a different look (not that I expect anyone to remember one panel Rocafort did.) Donna Troy has literally been created with no prior past and here she's wearing her red TT uniform while most of the characters are sporting their newest looks. But that's not Dick because this is Dick Graysons' new Robin costume.
This is Jason Todds' Robin costume.

Some of the details are missing from artist to artist but everyone should have an idea of Jasons' suit since it's in the case. He's the only Robin with a yellow cape (everyone else has black on one side), the clasps are the same, as is the belt, and the gap between the gloves and shoulders. Although his mask is a red domino while the Robin on the Titans Hunt cover has Dicks' mask. I prefer Jasons' uniform but come on, don't forget who wears what.


  1. Something is going on here for sure. I mean, Dick is using the correct costume on the cover of B&R Eternal #1 while Roy is using his Outlaws costume (hat and all).

    That's a lot of detail for the artist simply confusing Dick and Jason costumes

  2. Maybe it's my instinct not to trust appearances and wariness where Jason is concerned. Raven isn't wearing her feather costume. Donna wouldnt exist in the past of DCnU if it was a flashback.

    True but there's also talk of Dick being in this group. If the Titans come back (at least some of their history) it stands to reason it will highlight Dicks' past especially since it's the 75th anniversary of the character. TT tended to forget Jasons' inclusion, I think he was the only one excluded from the Perez cover with all the members. I'm leery of Jason being given such focus over Dick since that's pretty rare.