Wednesday, July 15, 2015

DC Comics October Solicits

I was waiting for these for awhile since something "big" was supposed to happen this month. 

We Are Robin: I have nothing to say about Octobers' solicits for this title but December will be having a crossover. This, Damians' book and Gotham Academy. I can only hope Damian gets rightly upset otherwise it won't be in character. The only one of these books I plan on getting is Gotham Academy just because I'm getting it already

Batman Gotham Knight titles: I'm watching game play online to see the whole storyline but I know enough about it to wonder how this will be dealt with in the comics.

Robin, Son of Batman: All I ask is that they get Talias' character right after the crap Morrison did to her. Even he started out with Talia acting like a mother that loved her son and the turn felt very petty.

Grayson: Speaking of Morrisons' work it looks like Kathy Kane is back since yellow and red are her colors.

Titan Hunt: This one confused me since it's spinning out of Convergence. Is it supposed to take place in the current DCnU universe? Many of the characters on the cover look like their wearing their current uniforms. But that Robin with the "original" Titans? That's not Dick Graysons' costume it's Jason Todds'. I mean I can understand the mistake since it's the Robin suit that's closest to the classic looks and (in my opinion) looks better than Dicks' costume. But aren't their editors for this sort of thing? Assuming this is the current universe. The price is too high for this so I might just listen out for how good this one is.

Red Hood/Arsenal: The series first multi-parter as the Gordon Batman story continues. Who's Jason meeting? Hopefully no one who's an editor mandate (except maybe Mecha Bat), I'd like to see Essence show up.

Justice League Gods and Men: Batman is a God of Knowledge. I'd like to see how this affects the family but I doubt it will show much if any of that fallout. Speaking of how much you wanna bet Bruce won't ask how Jason came back to life? For the worlds greatest detective he's always been surprisingly lazy on this one. Another $3.99 comics.

Not much to speak of, the only big things are three Convergence related titles, the Justice League event stuff and Batman and Robin Eternal which I'm more worried about than actually looking forward to.

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