Monday, July 6, 2015

Short Review: Princess Leia #5

More reviews to come before I look into this weeks' new releases.


Leia is the first strong female character I looked up to which makes her very dear to me. I wanted to grow up to be her because she was always strong even when things were bleakest. The Empire couldn't break her, Leia was a leader, didn't take crap from anyone, could defend herself and was a natural diplomat. This isn't the worst take on her but it could have been better. 

My main problem is Leia not planning many actions yet getting credit for them. This was worse in past issues but this one still has the same trouble. Leia gives an inspiring speech which gains her a new alliance...only she wasn't trying to speak to anyone besides her own fleet. R2 decided to broadcast what she said. I love R2 but this is usually the type of thing he pulls on C3P0 to save them because he's the one of the two that knows what he's doing. I'm trying to recall any plan R2 came up with when the others were around in the movies but I can't think of any at the moment. He usually acted when he was commanded to or overheard someone else trying something like starting the hyperdrive. While he misled Luke in ANH he was already on orders to deliver a message to Obi-Wan.

Evaan finally realizes Leia cares for her people given the lengths she went through to get one person despite said person being a traitor. On the one hand I can understand that meaning more on the other Leia has already done a hell of a lot for this cause. She put herself in danger and was personally rounding up her worlds' survivors not just giving Evaan the mission. Since Leia wasn't leading her people in the movie she decides Evaan should try being a leader and returns to the rebellion. Which feels pretty weak as far as endings go. We never learned much about Evaan, at least not enough to care about her outside the support she gives Leia. This series is responsible for me deciding to trade wait since getting this mini was more trouble than it was worth. Not horrible but I suspect I'll have a hard time remembering it.

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