Monday, July 27, 2015

Short Review: Wonder Woman #38, 39, 40 & the Annual

Also known as part of the arc that brings Donna Troy back


I read some of my sisters' new 52 Wonder Woman trades so I'm caught up on the basics of this version of Diana. I did wonder about this arc because of Donnas' return and some mixed reactions. It's not as bad as I feared although some of the dialogue doesn't work, particularly Diana in a tunnel with Batman remarking on bugs. She has a lot to worry about as Diana is now the queen of the Amazons, God of war and a Justice League member. Finding a balance between the three isn't an easy task and many question if she can handle it.

Ironically Donna Troy now has the origin of being made from clay which the Amazons taunted new 52 Diana about until the truth was revealed. Diana herself comments of their hypocritical acceptance of Donna once she's pushed into dethroning Diana. I was very disappointed that Donna doesn't show up much. She does do some villainous things that techically aren't her fault, at least not entirely. She was literally created to think a certain way. A lot of readers don't like this change and I can understand why. Speaking as someone who's not quite as invested in old Wonder Woman canon as some fans I can see things a little differently. One of Diana's strengths has always been her heart and redeeming Donna seems like something she'd do. I'm actually hoping for a good redemption arc as I'm a sucker for those.

The fight between them isn't as epic as I was hoping but then again they don't really know each other at this point. The most WTF moment being when Donna loses an arm then causally puts it back on. I think the implication is that she's entirely clay instead of clay turned Amazon. Something I hope they undo as the mind frame that Wonder Woman was never really a person because of being born of clay has always been a bane. I did like the exchange over being perfect although I doubt it was for the intended reason. It reminded me of a moment pre-Flashpoint where Donna and Dick were fighting. Dick was feeling like being an ass and said she was always trying so hard to be perfect. It felt like a glimmer of the past poking through only with a twist.

Diana lassos her to show Donna the truth which subdues her completely. It has potential although I felt there should have been more of a focus on Donna but I suppose that's still an ongoing story.

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