Monday, July 27, 2015

Short Review: Doctor Fate #1

My curiosity prompted me to get this now instead of waiting.


Truth be told nothing much happened, the lead was introduced to the helmet of Fate and I suppose two villains are set up. I suppose it might feel rushed to some if they didn't read the Sneak Peek and think it was weird that the helm is offered before we know anything about our star. Since I did read it this sped up the origin which can be tedious. The do mention the Sneak Peek although we're not quite at a point where everyone has computers. This semi-problem will undoubtedly be solved when the trade is released.

The characters may not have been fleshed out yet but I like what we see. The conversation between Khalid and his girlfriend after the offer does give a good excuse for why he thinks he saw strange things since he believes someone slipped him something. I'm guessing idea isn't an odd occurrence since Khalid asks if she gave it to him although it's odd that she doesn't seem phrased by her boyfriend freaking out. Unless she believes he's kidding. At the end his father gets in an accident with the reveal that his customer wanted him to get hurt. Which must mean he's either mystical or the luckiest SOB since he could have been killed attempting to do this.

I didn't mention this before but the font often make me think everyone is cursing instead of calling his cat Puck. Paul Levitz does much better work here than he did in Worlds' Finest. This may be because of Sonny Liew who's listed as one of the storytellers and does the art. The art itself has a nice flow that works with the style of the writing and gives the title a unique feel. I liked this issue but at this point I'll rank this as a "I can wait to read." Which means I don't feel compelled to get each issue when it's released and can wait until the price goes down on digital issues before I buy them. I'll get this but at this point I don't feel like waiting for new issues would make me impatient like other titles. So this is still techically on my pull list but I'll get the marked down prices for the issues in a few months.

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