Saturday, July 25, 2015

DC gets ready for 8 limited series in 2016

I've been thinking about this for awhile and while nothing really catches my eye it's always nice to see them try things out.

  • Swamp Thing by Len Wein, I know there was some disappointment that Swamp Thing wasn't appearing so I'm happy for fans that wanted this.
  • Metal Men by Len Wein, Ditto. Much like Shazam this is one of the most requested series I've seen.
  • Katana: Cult of the Kobra by Mike Bar, I'm mildly curious since I've heard good things about the character and haven't seen much in the books I've read. I don't think it will be enough to get me to buy it but we'll see if the solicits sound good.
  • Poison Ivy: Circle of Life & Death by Amy Chu, This is the only villain I've seen fans asking to get a series. Ever since BOP onward which is cool because it means DC is listening.
  • Metamorpho by Aaron Lopresti, As writer and artist. 
  • Sugar & Spike by Keith Giffin, A definite nope.
  • Raven by Marv Wolfman, At the very least I wonder what he'll do with this take of his character.
  • Firestorm by Gerry Conway, I never could get into Firestorm. I think the costume was a big problem and I always found him/them dull in the books I've read.


  1. I am glad to see some new work by Len Wein, who really hasn't been around that much lately, but who is a pretty darn good writer!

  2. Did Wein do a book during Convergence? If not then I can't recall the last time I saw Len Weins' name. Still it's good to see some writers from DCs' past make a return.