Sunday, July 12, 2015

Short Review: Catwoman #42

Stephanie Brown I s in this so I figured I had a reason to try this out.


I heard this was a good read and I like Selina. While this is written well I have to say my biggest complaint is getting lost while reading it. Just because I'm missing some of the details. Selina tries to run "the family" and remain Catwoman--even though someone else has also taken up that mantle. Stephanie wants to better herself but Selina isn't in the mood to help. The most intriguing thing is a subplot about a dead cop having files on all of the bat family. How well he knew them isn't clear as he coded it but it's a detail that really got me excited for this arc.

I plan on reading the next couple of issues to see if this goes anywhere or make more sense. Not bad.

Did You Notice?: Red Hoods' insignia is the one from RHATO not the new one, the distinctive wing is clear. Red Robins' symbol isn't shown although there are files we don't see clearly. Nightwings' file had a question mark on it, perhaps because he was uncertain if Dick was actually dead.

I also wanted to note that I liked Selina text boxes on the panel with Red Hood, Nightwing, Robin, and Batgirls' files talking about her lieutenants. She was talking about the mob but it fits nicely with Bruces' kids, how you wants them smart and loyal and hope their fighting the same war as you. A wonderful touch.

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