Thursday, July 23, 2015

Robin in Batman vs. Superman?

There has been rumors for awhile but there's been more hope in recent days. This being the latest one and I have to say he looks too old for the Robin part. Maybe playing the same character later on?


  1. The original source for the Eli rumor only said he would interpret Robin on a flashback (specifically , said robin's murder)

    So if is true and the Robin is indeed Jason, I'm expecting for being sort of a plecholder casting just for the flashback scene. With someone else being cast for the hypotethical role on abother movie.

  2. I did hear a rumor that I'd be Dick at one point. :( I wasn't happy with that since apparently the recent animated movies only have Dick and Damian as Robins.

    The thing is they don't even have to show much for SS just enough for us to know this is Robin. That scene should be when he's 16 so Bruce is amazed that he's an adult and bring home home evil Joker is.

  3. Hard to tell what would they depict. We know that SS will have scenes of the Joker torturing Harley after all. Anything is better than the rumour of Jason being the Joker on the movies just because, though

  4. That rumor is disgusting. I'm not sure if the picture was edited but I saw one of the Robin suit that supposedly came from DC that referred to it as Jasons' suit.