Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Short Review: We Are Robin #1

The book that has an army of Robins that don't work for Batman.


Duke Thomas has been acting up since his parents went missing. (He also seems to be older than I remember seeing him under Snyder.) This leads to him having new foster parents who seem to expect him to do everything since he's the oldest kid there. Since Batman is gone Duke feels like it's up to him to find his parents and look in the sewers for them. The "Robins" somehow tracked him there and help out. Meanwhile a mysterious person watches and seems to be the one who created this group.

Overall: Duke was the best part of this while everything else made me lose interest. I have no idea who the leader in the sewers was or why he could sniff out people. It had to be more than Dukes' Cologne since he was quite a distance from him. The Robins gave off that 90's vibe with the street clothes costumes and felt like they were trying too hard to be cool. If this was just about Duke I might be interested.

Did You Notice?: Leslie shows up and it looks like her younger look is staying. It was nice to see her though since she was connected to Jasons' new 52 origin. I'm just not sure why she'd be able to help Duke into a foster home. Isn't she a doctor with a clinic not a social worker?


  1. My biggest problem with this series is that the concept doesn't work with the setting. Snyder has spent his whole run driving home how terrible Gotham is and developing secret societies controlling everything from the shadows, In that context is absurd that a bunch of "supposedly" regular kids are gonna survive long and made a difference.

    It also devalues the meaning of the Robin identity, since it was supposed to be given to exceptional kids and almost always at a hefty price.

  2. It does seem absurd but I'm guessing the man behind them is using them for his own purpose. Maybe blinding them with their hero worship to turn them into fodder for his personal war?

    I always loved the Robins so the concept of this series does bug me. What right do they have to call themselves that? None of them have earned it and it's basically a family title since it originated with Dick.

  3. Exactly, it just doesn't work with the idea. What would Damian think about it? Or Jason? What about Bruce? Is Gordon let them do their stuff?

    If the series would've been something entirely isolated from the DCU (maybe under the Vertigo) it would've been great. As it stands now it just comes off liek being incredibly tone deaf

  4. They might address some of it later. I know Gordon is supposed to meet them soon. Whether or not their reactions are in character will be key.

    Maybe. If this was a mini series with a villain, maybe the Joker pulling the strings it'd work really well. But that would have him using them/the image of Robin negativity to create friction. It's possible that might happen here but basing an ongoing series around it doesn't work for me.