Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Doomed #2

Is he a hero or a villain? Neither?


While I didn't like this issue as much as the last I still liked it. The introduction to Miles felt like a tone changer from #1 and I'm still not sure how I feel about him. This also felt like a very short read.

Clarice, the possible hook up from the previous issue seems to put two and two together with Reiser as she watches from the distance. Reiser freaks out over his new powers but instinctly tries to help a woman that was injuried when the bus she was driving hits him. Since he's frightened and confused things don't go to well and everyone thinks he's the bad guy.

Lobdell write good friendships, while we might not know too much about Reiser and Roman so much gets across in a few pages. As hinted in the Sneak Peek Roman is secretly a superhero which he has hidden from his best friend. Reiser just found out he can turn into a monster and wants to tell his buddy everything. I'm guessing Roman doesn't suspect what really happened given the Sneak Peek so think about this from his perspective. Out of no where Reiser returns barely wearing anything, looking a little roughed up and clearly scared. Roman asks if it was a mugging but his mind has to be going to a dark place and as a hero he must feel helpless since he couldn't be there for his pal. In fact this might have more of an element of ironic tragedy if this motivates him to be a better hero to protect those he cares about.

The page that really sells this has Reiser curled towards the back of the sofa with Roman looking upset behind him. This really conveys the conflict and distress they both feel. They both feel guilty for not being completely honest, even if we only get Reisers' POV it's pretty evident Roman feels it too. The moment just has them tormented and gets across why their destined rivalry should affect the reader. Neither of them know the truth but we do. Would things be different if they did? Unlike some other tales of friends becoming enemies this is based on a misunderstanding that really is neithers' fault. I mean you could kind of blame the Harry Osborn/Peter Parker frienemies on one of them, both or Norman. At the present this is just a couple of friends trying to do the right thing.

Miles turns up and seems to be looking for Reiser.

I do wonder if Lobdell will have across over with RHA or have Crux show up. Simon is an expert on all things alien.

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