Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bat-Characters that I'd like to get

I have made a list of figures I'd like to get made awhile ago and some are on this list. But with DCC still going back to the same character selection and Robins 75th anniversary taking place it bears repeating. That said there are some new additions to the list too.

The Robins

I always wanted a collection of the Robins and to have them all wearing different uniforms and now is the perfect time. DC Collectibles, please have these in a gift set or split them up into two. The boys in one pack and the girls in the other. The boy would all be in their new 52/DCYOU costumes because we don't need three figures wearing the scaly panties. If they were all sculpted as well as the Icons line, in scale (which is a struggle with teens) and painted neatly I'd be thrilled. If the We Are Robin crew gets figures fine but please make this bunch of Robins first.

Dick Grayson: In my opinion he has the worst of the newly designed suits. Not horrible just not  as catchy as the others. It's the one that strays the most from the classic look. Unless they change the cover for Titan Hunt #1 it looks like someone else agrees with me on this. Still I want all of the Robins and I still prefer this over the pixie boot costume.

Jason Todd: Words can't describe how happy I am that Jason finally has his own suit. Of all the current uniforms I think this is the most iconic looking. It does shift from artist to artist but I'd like to keep many of Rocaforts' details like: the bird above the "v" shapes (not shown here) on his chest, the red mask, the "w" outline of the helm, the bottom of the feet being red and the "v" shaped birdarangs (?) on his legs. The domino mask being the classic shape and red is a must too. Jason is also the only one of the male Robins in this timeline to have a purely yellow cape and have bare skin showing between his shoulder pads to his gloves.

Tim Drake: In this canon Tim only had the red suit (from One Year Later) while Robin. There has been figures made of this costume from Mattel and DC Direct though a remake would be welcomed. If they come with weapons Tim would naturally come with a Bo staff. Maybe they could have maskless exchangeable heads to reflect their personalities? Having Dick smile, Tim looking thoughtful, etc.

Damian Wayne: Much like Tim there has been some figures of Damian although there have been alterations in his look in DCYOU. Most noticeably is the golden lining of his black cape. Much like Dicks' suit the latching is gone from the center. Instead he has golden straps (?) on the sides of his tunic. The helm of the tunic is designed differently.

Carrie Kelly: While Carrie does have more than one look (Catgirl) I think most of us agree she was better as Robin. Her costume is the same one Dick and Jason wore before the relaunch with pixie boots and scaly panties.

Stephanie Brown: Unfortunately DC still seemed to be designing the girl wonders to share their male counterparts looks at this stage. Her costume was a take on Tim Drakes' first Robin look only she got a skirt added on and wore a headband.

Helena Wayne: Worlds' Finest pissed me off but one of the only bright spots was Helena being Robin. If any of the Robins had to be cut for a gift pack Helena would be my choice. She's my least favorite, she's from a timeline where none of the others were Robins and she'd still fit in with a Earth 2 Supergirl two pack.
Current Updated Looks

The new styles many characters have undergone. I know some are hoping for looks based off of Robobat (Gordon) and Batgirl. I am not one of those people. There are some costumes I'd be fine with for other characters.

Red Hood: From the RHA title. I don't like this design as much as the RHATO one but I'd still get it. But an unmasked head is a must and yes the haircut has grown on me. Maybe a two pack with Arsenal.

Agent 37: From Grayson. The book didn't hold my interest and I think the spy thing is wrong for the character. Still I'd buy a figure.

Spoiler: After all the demand for her return and the redesign Stephanie is overdue for a figure. Especially one that's done for the Spoiler ID.

Black Bat (?): Granted we don't know if Cassandra Cain will be using this name or not. We don't even know if she'll get a new costume. Cassandra needs the love and deserves to have a new figure.

The Kanes
Thanks to the Zero Year tie in we know that these ladies are all Bruces' cousin via his mothers' side.

Kate Kane: We all know Batwoman is long overdue for a new figure after the one from 52. Like all of these I'd want a changeable unmasked head especially since the face can be reused for...

Beth Kane: I don't care for Beth's new ID, maybe I would under a different writer. The point is Beth is best known as Alice and that would be an epic figure.

Bette Kane: I'd prefer Flamebird but I'd get Hawkfire. The only current figure Bette has is the Silver Age Bat-Girl so it's time the original got more attention and respect.


  1. A series devoted to the Robins would be very interesting although to be frank I'd pick just Jason. I find more appealing the idea of having all the sons of Batman on his more famous identities (ie Nightwing instead of Agent 37) In fact getting all the Kotobukiya statues is an idea I've considered.

    I'd pay a LOT of money for a Red Hood/Arsenal pack, I love the sleeveless hoodie and Jason is sorely lacking on quality action figures. Currently the best figure available is the Red Hood from AK and that one was a Gamestop exclusive.

    Can't comment on the girls though, I'm not a big fan of them

  2. I'm kinda shocked DCC hasn't done a Robin set already. I remember a fan asking for it during a Q & A series with a DC higher up claiming they liked the idea. I do want a Jason Todd Robin figure more than the others but I do think they all need updates. Partly for the new looks and partly because it'd be nice to have them all in scale instead of mishmashing ones from other lines.

    I prefer the Nightwing ID too but I wouldn't pass up the chance to get an Agent 37. The statues are nice but statues aren't my thing. It's also too costly.

    Carrie was pretty awesome although I never got the lack of mask. Stephanie is cool on her own and while I didn't like her time as Robin (which was a mean spirited move by editorial) I'd get it purely for the love of the character/love of the Robin legacy. Helena does annoy me, still I appreciate the effort to bring in another female Robin and liked most of the design outside the knee pads. I love the rest and with the exception of Beth/Alice (because I don't know what to their do with her) I think their all important to the mythos. That's why I chose them and not Bluebird.

  3. With our luck, Bluebird will get a figure instead of anyone who really deserves it. Does anyone aside of Snyder and Tynion really like Harper?

  4. I don't hate her but at the moment I'm indifferent. I'm not sure how popular she currently is. I think Flich might have used her in DET before she became Bluebird. Otherwise I have no idea if any other writers have used her.

  5. Harper has only been used on Snyder and Tynion books. She isn't reallt a bad character truth be told, the problem is that both Tynion and Snyder are pushing her like the next big thing and are hyping her by making the actual batfamily members either gushing for her or being incompetent so she can show off. Is irritating.

    Oh and doesn't help that she gets a leading role on B&R Eternal despite not being a Robin.

    Anyways, you know what other figurs I'd love to get? All of Bruce's kids wearing the Robin themed variants of their regular suits. That would made for a great pack.

  6. I thought she was used in DET during Damians' death when she wore a catsuit. I do recall Barbara being moody with Harper when they met in a BE preview but that's all I can recall of characters being negative.

    Yeah that is one of the things that bugs me about B&RE.

    You mean the suits they wore in B&R when they got Damian or something new?

    1. The suits they used during Damian's return

    2. I'd only get Jasons' and Tim's.