Thursday, February 9, 2012

Add/Drop list

Current List:

Justice League International
Red Hood and the Outlaws
Teen Titans
Demon Knights (Might drop because it's hard to get some weeks.)
Superboy (Might drop because it's hard to get some weeks.)
Justice League Dark (Definately dropping but might pick up #6 for closure.)

Possible add ons:

Ravagers: Has Gen 13 connects and follows the events of what's going on in Superboy and Teen Titans. I'm going to get the TT annual which promise hundreds of character appearances, meaning there's a big possiblity of seeing benched characters.

Batwing: I've heard great things about this so maybe I'll try it out. It really depends on if I get the other titles since I don't want to get all three titles at once.

Worlds' Finest: I enjoyed the Winick Powergirl issues and grew to like the character. Although I dislike what happened with Helena B. I'm willing to give this a try. Might come down to me flipping through it in the story or maybe just trying out the first issue.


  1. I have thought Ravagers as well but I really feel like I need to make one cut and not add anything if I want to budget out my cash for the year (yes I am that kinda planner). I am getting rid of grifter I think. Once I heard the rob liefeld change I decided I was out. Not just because its Liefeld, but because I didn't want the change. I liked the direction it was going and to change up now it is disappointing.

  2. Yeah that's part of my choice not to get three more books at once. I still haven't gotten my two subscriptions through the mail yet. I wouldn't be spending money on at least three books, five if I do drop Superboy and Demon Knights. So maybe I'll try two of them.

  3. That stinks you haven't gotten your subscription yet. I will say that getting the subscription as a gift helped me a bit. Lets me read more comics. I have enjoyed that quite a bit.

  4. I'm hoping it comes in soon. At least by the time the next JLI issue rolls around. I know I'd enjoy it too.