Sunday, February 26, 2012

Superboy #6 & Demon Knight #6


Superboy #6:

This basically recaps Teen Titans 5 word for word in the first pages before going into Superboys' POV. He warns N.O.W.H.E.R.E. that he'll be coming for them but goes off to angst a little first. Lobdell adds the right amount of confusion for the hero without over doing the drama. Supergirl pops up since she's curious about someone else wearing her family crest. The communication problem was nicely handled as neither understands the other until Superboys' powers kick in at her touch. He accidentally shares a memory and learns her language not really sure how he did that. I found this amusing because whenever he meets Supergirl the two always fight. He even wonders if she's an angel a nice nod to a past Supergirl in previous canon.

Kara is less than thrilled to learn he's a clone calling him Kon-El, an abomination in the house of El. Apparently clones did bad things back on Krypton. She slips away not knowing what to think of him since Superboy seems so lost and innocent but this world confuses her. Tired of being used Superboy returns to confront Templar only to find Rose Wilson waiting. She's ready to kill him.

A decent read just not one of my top three books. That has more to do with Superboy never being my favorite character but the art is excellent and the plot remains interesting.

Demon Knights #6:

There are plenty of heroic deeds as Ex plans to face the army alone. Horsewoman leads horses to her aid as she travels to seek help. Xanadu plans on sacrifice a ill man mourning his son. She can't bring herself to kill the man. She does get a message to Jason through the demon but how it can help them has yet to be revealled. They all charge as the horde breaks through.

While I like this book I still don't feel like I get all of the characters. Not really much to say on it but no real complaint.

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