Saturday, February 18, 2012

Prepare for the ultimate shock of the DCnU

Involving Wally West although I suppose you could say Donna Troy too.

Here's the section in question with the shocker in bold.

"That led us to a young man that asked about Wally West, to which of course I clapped and seconded. Dan and Eddie gave an answer that is going to keep me at bay with nerd rage for a while longer. He said because there were de-aging Barry, they didnt want him to be the same age as Wally. Plus they didnt want to take away Wally’s kids and family or make him a teenager again, especially with Bart already in that role. Dan also pointed out that someone close to him is a big Donna Troy fan, and Donna was given the same treatment when Wonder Woman was made younger in the relaunch. Their answer was that they are simply focusing on establishing the characters they started out with in this new 52, but not saying those other characters don’t exist or aren’t around in some way. They understand that everyone’s character is someone’s favorite. They just ask us Wally and Donna fans to be a bit more patient with them and those characters will be seen once more. "

Wally is still married--WITH KIDS?! I'm not even a big Flash fan and that makes me happy! Wait, why isn't Barry still married especially since Bart still exist? Screw it I'm just glad they kids are still around.


  1. Oh Good Grief. Is it just me, or does it just seem as though he's saying something...ANYthing to shut us up, and get away from the subject?

  2. I do feel that way about certain interviews. But in some cases (like with Scott Snyder talking about Steph/Cass) I think there are plans or the people discussing it believe there are. The thing I don't get is why they can't have Wally, Donna, Steph or Cass in other books. Although I have heard rumors about the last two showing up in bat books.