Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Catwoman, Batgirl, Black Canary and the scale

As far as I can tell Wonder Woman has the most dolls but Catwoman comes the closet to catching up as she has at least four figures.

I like this one. It works better than some of the other designs they did and really pops.

Like Bruce there are issues with the cowl being too big but that's not too notible in this picture.

One of the other Catwoman dolls with ears that kind of flop and Black Canary. Their in 13" While most of the line is in 16" or 17".


  1. Very nice. I'm still waiting for my Guy and Ice dolls however...and shall probably be waiting for a very very long time.

  2. I think Ice is far more likely to get a doll than Guy just because she's a lady. I mean Donna Troy got a figure and she's usually forgotten. They only male dolls I've seen are Batman, Superman, Joker, Hal and Aquaman. I have written them to make some suggestions. They said it would be brought to the designers attention but that's it. Of course knowing my luck they'd make Booster in the new costume or worse his armor.

  3. But a Booster Gold figure would be SO nice!

  4. Yes! If anyone was made for the superhero doll line it's him. Booster would make sure they did various outfits. It'd come with a Skeets. I'd likely spend far too much money on a Booster doll and any other JLI dolls.