Monday, February 13, 2012

Solicits and thoughts

JLI #9: It feels kinda weird but I don't have much to say about Booster lately. That might change when I do my arc wrap up reviews (JLI will be one of the more in depth ones.) As for this solicit? Since I don't know what Jurgens will do the only thing that came to mind with this one was the thought that Guy's been on more covers than Booster. I'm too lazy to check but it seems that way.

Ravagers #1: I think I'll see if the TT story gets me interested enough to get this. But Beast Boy is RED? Is it like the Hulk or something?

World Finest #1: I knew there'd be some *ahem* "mourning" over the hole in PGs' costume but some of the comments I read range from the absurdly amusing to downright creepy. I'm not sure how I feel on the new look. I miss the old cape and blue gloves and boots. The "P" logo is a little odd. I think I'll grow to like it. I'm still very iffy on Huntress being Helena Wayne. Like how I sometimes feel with Damian I have to question if we need another kid, adopted or blood related, of Bruces'. It's cool that she appears to have been a Robin though.

The Night of the Owls tie ins: this has me seriously interested at a time I'm trying to cut back. If nothing else I want to get the bat boys titles to see how Dick, Jason, Tim and Damian handle thing differently. I was surprised to see Tim get his own issue because I was under the impression he was going to team up with Jason. Artistically I love how all the Owls have their own look and each cover shows one of the bat members fighting them. I'm especially interested in seeing how Tim got Jason to go back to Gotham when he obviously wanted nothing to do with it in the first issue. Plus the appearance by Mr. Freeze who's mentioned in the annual too.


  1. Heh heh. Guy's taking over. He ALWAYS takes over! Bwhahahahaha!

  2. Hey see how you like it when Booster shows up to take all the booty shots in GL. ;P