Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Justice League International #6:


I'm really thrilled that Jurgens took the subplot of the Hall of Justice bombers and made it into a more serious threat. It could have easily been forgotten but it wasn't. Plus any interaction with Booster and Batman is a plus. (Although it annoys me that he can't be this good a mentor to his own kids.) This is what I was waiting for after the reveal in Booster Gold. Seeing Bruce give advise and treating Booster as an equal. I also liked how he knows Guy will follow Booster once he earns his respect. Because that is a huge part of Guy. It's a new twist on Guys' annoyance with the guy in charge because Booster HAS given Guy his due.

For those of us not thrilled with the retcon of Toras' origin? Well it's still not 100% clear as JLGL had people chase her because they believed she was a goddess but I believe Jurgens will stick close to the original. I think there's still something there with Guy and her although she states his attitude came between them. Gavril is awesome as usual since he sees that Tora is a special lady. It's a little protective but not as much as Bea. I do miss Winicks' more humorous take but this Rocket Red still feels very in character just less goofy. Although he may have fallen victim to a devise on the ship so that might change.

I loved the Godiva/General Augest in Irons scene. Their friendship is very sweet with them both reaching out to the other. Dora trying to make him feel more comfortably and Zhifu generally curious about her. The "Ben Grimm in disgue" look made me smile. He's inhuman looking and an expert in battles. She seems to be flirty but there's more going on. Dora is overwhelmed by larger than life battles. I read some confusion over her anger of his questioning in regards to her forwardness towards Booster. There are two ways for me to read this. 1. It's a private matter that isn't his business (which she states) and/or 2. Dora reading it as the implication that's usually involved when a woman is forward. I doubt he meant harm but I'd be annoyed too.

Someday I have to make a list of my favorite Booster speeches. This is the guy everyone says is nothing but a shrill not taking any crap. It might not have done much if not for GAII stating their case to his country woman. I gotta admit I smiled at the ending. No I'm not morid but it just seems like everything that can go wrong usually does. Somewhere Maxwell Lord is thinking that he's lucky his plans to start the JLI didn't work out. Because these guys have the worst luck.

Questions Raised: This has nothing to do with the comic it's self but I'm curious if all Beas' dating history is gone. No Oberon and I guess the Guy thing is offical retconned since Tora might not have died.


  1. I've been enjoying this book a lot. And now Tora is back to being a Goddess! Woohooooooo!

    I have to agree with you about Gavril...I did like Winick's way with him, and I liked the little romance that was quietly brewing with Fire. It seems as though Fire just hasn't had much to do in the new book yet.

    But boy howdy, I am anxious to see next month's issue!

  2. Same here I want to know how their going to set up the JLI now.

    Hopefully Gavril will have some moments to shine. I like this version but it's really amazing how different things can be. His fanboyness towards the JLI to the direness of the Max Lord crisis.

  3. Well put Erin, you summed up this issue very well, and you mirror not only my sentiments, but also the sentiments of the majority of the Justice League International fans.

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  4. I had forgotten all about Bea and Oberon! But I look forward to the relationship I anticipate between Bea and Gavril. Does Bea still have a past as a Brazilian spy in the DCnU? Will that be an issue for Gavril, who now seems to be an official agent of Russia?

  5. Jay: Thanks I always enjoy talking about books I love. I'll have to take a look I haven't gotten around to reading reviews yet so I look forward to it.

    Boosterric: I'm curious how much of JLGL Gavril is intact. He can't be a fanboy but does his political stance still exist in some form? Because that did play a big part of his character. Or maybe I just miss him yelling slogans like"I have the power of the people!"