Thursday, February 2, 2012

The complaint I can't take seriously

There are a lot of complaints that I've seen online but there's a new one that just makes me laugh.

The idea that RHATO is too magical/mystical for Jason Todd. We're talking about the same guy that returned from the dead and used the same pit that makes Ras Al Ghul live for thousands of years, right? That, before it was retconned, was TIME PUNCHED back? That travelled to different worlds in Countdown? It's already part of his character it just hasn't been explored before. Jason isn't Constantine, he's not chanting spells.

I understand the idea that Gotham kids should stick to the street level stuff but think about it. Dick Grayson didn't step out of the shadow of the bat to become his own man until he became Nightwing and worked more with the Titans. That was out of his element too. I rather have Jason traveling the world and experiencing these things than out of character stories or the same story about him fighting the bat family who don't give a crap anyway.

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