Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hawkwoman, Powergirl and Batman

I think these dolls look alright in general but there's a reason I'm keeping myself from buying them. Three. The cost, the scale and the male figures. They did Mera and Aquaman but not Hawk or any of the other Titan guys. Not yet anyway. They haven't done male figures as much. Look at the difference between Hawkwomans' mask and Batmans' cowl.

I've never been a fan of this costume but I'm impressed with the mask. It's not too clunky and still looks pretty close to the comic. The wings are a nice touch too.

Powergirl looks lovely without having her "window" overdone.

This isn't bad but it's not really up to par with the other two. The cowl doesn't look right nor the blue color. DC Direct and Hot Toys have better looks for Batman. I think this would have worked better in black and using the same idea as the Hawkwoman mask.


  1. Well...Shayera and Peej look pretty nice, but gosh, Bruce looks weird. Blue? All that hair? I thought Bats were supposed to be...scary?

  2. The blue might be to match Babs, she had the same design idea. The hair isn't that bad all things considered. The Joker looked rather old.