Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I miss Rip

I mean I miss a lot of things about Boosters' series like Trixie, Michelle, Skeets, Daniel, Rose, Broderick, Black Beetle, time travel, the time lab and all that. I'm beyond frustrated that we never learned Black Beetles' ID. But I miss seeing Boosters' interactions with Rip. His dry humor, his sense of adventure, master minding schemes and despite being a genius never shying away from diving into the action. Unlike his dad he usually had pretty good fashion sense.

As a late Valentines Day enjoy Pre-Crisis Bonnie and Rip being a couple.

That's sweet but kind of weird Bonnie.

I just love how quickly he decks that guy once he hears Bonnies' complaint. And that guys' expression is very creepy.

It's hard to mix time travel, leering robots and romance. More so when you bring your best friend and her kid brother along.


  1. I miss Rip too. So far in the new 52...not a peep out of him.

    Booster and Rip were CUTE dammit!

  2. I keep thinking that means he's changed. If he is Barry Allen has a lot to answer for!

    Yes they were. Especially Booster and baby Rip.