Monday, September 10, 2012

Batman and Robin #0 preview

Although I was less than thrilled the last time I got this title I'm collecting all the Robin books this month. I'm not sure how to feel about Damian in the preview but I haven't liked how Talias' been written since she become his mom. Hopefully I'll be surprised in a good way with the rest of the issue.


  1. I've NEVER liked Talia, so having her behave out of character...well, when has she ever HAD any character?

    But gosh, Damian is adorable, in a tiny bloodthirsty sort of way.

  2. Talia told Bruce to go back to Gotham (I think it was during No Mans' Land) when he could have stayed with her. She saved Selina from Shiva during Hush even though she was rejected by Bruce and she knew Bruce preferred Selina. Talia may be self involved (kinda hard not to be when her father keeps her trapped in his world) but she cared for others. Red Hood Lost Days has a mixture of the two. Now she's a rapist that created a child to use as a tool. The same woman that tried to protect Damian from her father now sets him up as a target.

    I saw this while I was skimming the net, play the Jaws theme when looking at him in the pool. It helps.