Monday, September 17, 2012

Solicits Ahoy

Green Lantern books: Anyone else think Guys' meeting with the new guy will be violent? Poor Guy has his own trouble with the law. I got a bad Major Force like feeling what's going to happen to him.

World Finest 7: ...They really want to tempt me back, don't they? I don't know, I want to like this series but so far I've been disappointed. I'll wait it out to read spoilers before deciding.

Batgirl #15: What the hell? I really don't know what to make out of this. It just seems kinda random especially after the last Batgirl cover. I thought the tie in writers were told to write their issues as their heroes' worst fears made real. I admit I wouldn't expect this for Babs.

Batman and Robin #15: Damian already met Joker. He got outsmarted.

Birds Of Prey #15: No idea who the new (hero?) guy is. I hope they get creative with the new members. Nope I don't think Cass or Steph stand a chance of being on the team.

Catwoman #15: This caught my attention because Selina is stealing Eclipso’s Black Diamond. This is brought up in another book this month--

Team 7 #3: The black diamond? And Slade being controlled by Eclipso. But forget all that Essence is showing up in other books! I was under the impression this series takes place years ago, which begs the question when. Because Essence only left the All Caste a year and a half ago in DC time. It was stated she got in trouble for leaving meaning she was stuck there for a long time.

Teen Titans #15: I've been hoping for a Red Hood/Red Robin team up for awhile. I like how this sounds. The Outlaws and Titans teaming up, Arsenal getting development, etc. While I'm not thrilled with Batgirl Lobdell is one of the few people that writes her sounding right, IMHO. Should be interesting to see her interact with both teams. Plus it's the first time she will be around Kori since that horrible Nightwing annual.

Nightwing #15: With all the damage done to Halys' it's a wonder the circus still runs. I think this will play a bigger part in the DOTF story as it's shown on the cover for RHATO.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #15: No more Rocofort covers. :( Kori still has her space uniform, cool. More than anything else I hope that Jason isn't a victim in DOTF. He's trying to move on and I'll be pissed if everyone including Damian fares better than him.


  1. You know...I'm getting just a wee bit tired of the Joker.

  2. I think I'll feel that way three months into this crossover. I'm not sure if I'll get other books but right now I only know I'm getting RHATO, TT and Batman for sure.