Monday, September 24, 2012

Batman and Robin #0

For some reason this one took awhile to come in. Will I like this better than the Robin arc?


Yeah, I wasn't loving the scenes with Damian killing assassins and such. No, it's not because he kills it's how they keep showing this little kid being such an unstoppable badass. I remember the complaints viewers of Kickass had with Hitgirl, saying there was no way a kid that young had the strength to hack limps off. Seeing Damian effortlessly do that to an enhanced manbat, then a freaking tiger and then a shark makes me feel the same.

I've never been a fan of Morrison making Talia more like her father, more heartless. She was always more interesting as a morally grey character and when she's evil it's always more over the top than is needed. She was more understandable in Red Hood Lost Days and more recently in RHATO #2. By helping Jason she put herself in a rough spot between her father and Bruce. But she did it not for Bruce so much as for Jason himself. That said I always got the impression Ras was keeping her away from her son. I believe Morrison even wrote Damian saying he didn't meet his mom until he was eight. I've been seeing Talia written evil so often lately that I almost expected to see her strike Damian for touching the cowl.

It was an okay issue, sure the display of Damians' prowess made me roll my eyes but all in all it was a vast improvement.

Did you notice?: This is one of the books that actually tells you how much time has passed. It becomes a problem as Bruce wasn't said to be Batman ten plus years ago, at least according to Snyder. This also means Damian in 11 and a half, I don't recall anyone saying that before. This also makes me scratch my head because according to RHATO Jason wasn't even the Red Hood a year and a half ago.

Despite the popular theory that Damian was forced aged there's no hints of that happening. He seems to grow normally.

Say what?: I'm just curious, has it ever been explained why the Al Ghuls are fine with using tech to make Damian "perfect"? Because I recall Ras rejecting Jean-Paul Valley because his DNA was tampered with by outside forces.

I'm not sure why the nursemaid was worried. Some women give birth into pools because they think it's less traumatic for the baby. I recall hearing that baby instinctly know how to swim.


  1. I honestly don't understand the whole time scale, or what "counts" and what doesn't. So, not being hugely invested in the Bat Family, I just sit back and enjoy Pat Gleason's art.

    It's simpler that way sometimes.

  2. I just shrug for the most part over the bat timelines but it seems like no body even attempted to match up. It's kinda funny.