Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sword of Sorcery #0

I've been lucky enough to steer clear of most of the spoilers this month. I'm starting this week with a new book starring Amethyst. A character I never read in another comic so I'll be seeing this whole thing with new eyes.


I have a vague understanding of the character, who she was anyway. I'm don't think this dyed hair on the run girl is the same backround she had but I could be wrong. The lead character (Amy) finally learns the truth of her family history from her mother on her 17th birthday. It's not a happy one as her aunt wants them (or anyone else related to her) dead. Not only does Lady Mordiel get power from killing her kin but she can't rule her kingdom completely until her sister is dead.

Amy of course is shocked to learn that they can travel through a portal to another world and their appearance changes as soon as they arrive. Oh and that her mom and her are actually blondes. No explanation on the reason for the length change for Amy.

I liked most of it especially the twist over who was actually following them on Earth (here's a hint: he known for using magic and being a jackass.) The only thing that bothered me in this book was the unsettling cliche attempted rape scene only this one was made into a potential gang bang. Only the fact that Amy showed up stopped Berry from getting hurt. That's the second one of these I read this month only this one's more obvious.

Back Up story: Beowulf Part 1 The Perfect Solider

I don't really care for the character of Beowulf but Wiglaf the narrator is a good lead. He's instantly likable and smart to boot. But the best part of this take is the hints of modern day tech that makes you wonder what's going on. Sure their dressed much like the warriors from the old Beowulf stories but the base they enter seems to be holding a lab. Is this set in the far future?

Although I'm not fond of the $3.99 price I might stick with this for awhile. I'm interested enough in both stories to see where they go next month.

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