Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Phantom Lady #1

I never read anything about the Phantom Lady before (except Infinite Crisis appearance. Yeesh.)I thought about it and figured it might be fun to read more female lead books, even if this is a mini series. This is a very short review since I don't have too much to say about it.


This was an okay issue, it didn't wow me but it didn't turn me off to the story either. That may not seem like a great praise but really it's too early to tell. Let me just list what I do like:
  • The new costumes for both characters.
  • Jessica showcasing her powers, it may seem a little cliche but I interested in seeing what she can do. It's a fun set of powers that can be a little creepy too.
  • I like Dane. He's someone who obviously loves Jessica but puts up with a lot of crap.
  • Although Jessica can't keep her real name hidden from Cryus she's not the only one that messes up. The fact that Danes' attempt to protect her backfires shows that neither one of the is untouchable.
  • How Dane gets his powers/ability is a nice twist. It might have been done before (though I can't recall where) but it works.
Things I'm unsure about:
  • While I like that Jessica is a go getter that desperately wants justice I don't know how I feel about the lengths she's willing go to get it. She sleeps with the guy she's trying to get arrested and it's rubbed in her face by Cryus. I mean I know not everyone one can be Lois Lane and neither of the heroes are perfect in this, but it feels off.  It might be because of the sexist vibe the bad guys have.
  • Danes' work sort of comes out of no where. They mention his science project but never say why he's working on resizing elements.

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