Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nightwing #0

Wow. Let's just say I can't wait to read what everyone has to say about this one. Or to put another way--


Let's start with the basics before getting into the BIG problems with this. The main complaint I heard about this series was that it's bland. Well this is my first issue of the DCnU Nightwing and I can honestly say it was bland as hell. I enjoyed the old series and none of Dicks' personality can be found here. It shouldn't be hard to have the fun loving guy that makes quips and is the best arcobat in the bat family. But those talents, the things Dick Grayson is best known for? The first isn't in the issue and the second is almost glanced over for other developments. Oh it's in the art and seen because of the manner his parents died but it's not a defining part of the story.

Speaking of the death of his parents a few add ons are put into place that really don't add anything to the story except angst. See Dick gets in trouble for this stupid thing he does with a friend that almost gets a guard killed. Yes Dick saved the guard but he still shouldn't have been racing through the train tracks. This of course is brought up to highlight the problem Dick apparently has which is sledge hammered throughout the issue. Dick seems to look "too far forward" to the point he ignores everything else.

The second add on is that it was his mothers' birthday. It's like the versions of Batmans' origin that have little Bruce acting like a brat or accidently leading his parents into the alley. It isn't needed. Dick gives his mother a braclet with two Robins on it providing a visual post-death much like Marthas' pearls.

Bruce takes Dick in and while he knows Dick is searching for his parents killers at night he does nothing to stop him. This leads to him showing Dick the Bat Cave and even though he suspects Dick knows who he is Bruce is shocked when it's confirmed. As bad as all this is it's not nearly the kick in the teeth that follows. It's as if the writer and editors behind this weren't interested in writing Dick Grayson and stole things from other bat kids to make him more interesting. Dick adapts a technobabble talk implying he's into that sort of thing (Tim.) They claim Dick is staying with Bruce because he got a job (Batman Beyond/Terry.) Since Bruce doesn't want him endangering himself Dick starts following his progress and providing information via the computer (Babs.) Even the scene where he fights Shiva to protect Batman reminds me of a bit in Death in the Family. (Jason.)

But the worst part? They stole the ability to "read" people from Cassandra Cain. At this point DC should just admit they hate her because this bullshit only drives that point home. They took the thing that made her special and gave it to another character. They even had Shiva notice it and show interest in him. Dick doesn't even need this, he's already the most well known Robin! He never even trained like Cass to develop it, he just has it! You know I was considering the Death of the Family Nightwing tie ins but screw it. This is downright disrespectful. To Cass and Dick.

Say What?: Why would Mary Grayson wear a chunky bracelet while on the trapeze? It would only be a distraction and likely wouldn't stay on. Not that it's shown on her as she's falling since she's wearing gloves.

While the caption says years ago the Who's Who says Dick was 15. If this was five years ago that makes Dick even younger than previously stated. He'd be 20 not 21, although Capullo has said he was told Dick was 23.

It also says that while Batgirl/Barbara and him flirted they were never together.

Okay here's my problem with the Zucco thing, it no longer makes any sense. If the Court of Owls owns the circus a small time mobster like him should have been taken out.

Did you notice?: Raymond, the guy that was taken by the Count instead of Dick, is in the flashback.

Dicks' Robin outfit looks like a movie version. I believe this was revealed in Batgirl but this gives a better look. It's okay but I still prefer Jasons' Rocofort uniform. Both are more armored than Tim or Damians' outfits.

I think the "Tomorrow" back up I reviewed was supposed to take place the same day too. Dick mentioned Bruce Wayne making an appearance like it was a big thing. I can't see how that would fit given Dicks' time in jail then his parents instantly grounding him outside his part in the show. If it is the same night it means Marys' birthday, the death of her and her husband, and the first time the bat symbol goes up happened on the same night.

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