Thursday, September 27, 2012

No, their not related

I get that people are exited over this teaser pic in Red Hood and the Outlaws #0 but come on let's be logical. Some of these suggestions I'm reading don't even make sense.

SPOILERS for the surprises in RHATO #0.

Let's ignore how long Bruce was or wasn't Batman and keep to the 5 years 4 Robins thing. Dick started at 15 and is now 20. We have no idea how long he wore the suit but the events in RHATO #0 happen either around the time he was leaving or after he stopped being Robin. We know this because Joker comments on how Batman needs a Robin implying Dick is at the very least thinking of giving up the sidekick job. No age is given to Jason but he's younger than Dick and older than Tim. Jasons' life starts to get worse thanks to the Joker when this panel is shown.

The woman in the middle is Jasons' mother who looks very pregnant although this is never mentioned in the text nor is she shown as pregnant after this. Jason is the kid on the far left that the lady cop is talking to. At the most this would be four years ago for the DCnU timeline. That means if Jason did have a sibling it would not be : Harper Row, Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain (neither parent's asian anyway), Tim Drake or anyone else over four. All of the people listed are about Jasons' age. Unless time travel or comic science is used there can't be a Thomas Wayne Jr. or James Gordon Jr. situation. There would be an age gap between Jason and the kid.

Now I think this might come up in DOTF. Willis Todd getting arrested is the first of many things the Joker does but like I said the pregnancy is never mentioned, not by Jason nor the Joker. Either there was a miscarriage (that the Joker may of caused) or the baby was taken without Jason knowing his sibling was alive. Either way it's something that can be used against him.

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