Sunday, September 9, 2012

DC talks about the 52 and Zero issues

Some highlights from the DC Baltimore Comic-Con talk. I whited out what may be considered spoilers.

On the subject of “Zero Month,” DiDio said, “The goal for this was basically not to reset the button, but to answer some questions.” He later said the zero issues were created "to fill in the blanks of the past and set up the mysteries of the future.”

The Green Arrow (we’ll see him again on Earth-2), Booster Gold (We’ll see him in the “Justice League of America”), Ted Kord and Tim Drake (who will pop up as a major part of the Joker arc, according to Snyder) were all mentioned.

I'm not sure if the first part is a misprint since the character has an ongoing in the main 'verse as for the second I'm not sure I want to see what Geoff Johns does with the character in JLA as I'd rather have Booster stay in JLI as leader than be dragged into JLA. Talk about a demotion. Tim Drake playing a big part? Didn't they say that during Night of the Owls when he only made a cameo in RHATO and showed up in one panel of the book they promoted him for?

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