Thursday, September 20, 2012

Interviews on DOTF tie ins and an article on Amethyst

From the writers of Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and the Outlaws and Teen Titans. Some hints at how Death of the Family will affect Barbara, Dick, Jason and Tim.

Plus a piece on the troublesome part of Sword of Sorcery #0. A few spoiler filled thoughts on the article.

While I agree that the rape trope has been overused in comics and is disgusting to see I didn't read the comic quite like this. Amy JUST meets Beryl in this book. Although their on friendly terms they are by no means friends. Beryl has no reason to believe anything Amy says especially since it's implied by the comments other students make that she's not popular. She would likely think the new girl is part of some mean prank if Amy warned her. Also, Amy ISN'T sure. She goes to Homecoming to see if she's right, which she was. What if she told Beryl her gut feeling and this "date" was innocent? So no, Amy didn't have a solid reason for warning Beryl. She didn't know for sure and she just met the other girl.

As for John Constantine? He wasn't following Beryl, he was following Amy. He likely didn't know what was going on until he arrived on the scene and by then Amy was kicking ass. Why would he show his hand (whatever reason he has to be there) if there was no reason to do so?

And lastly just because this is a major pet peeve: it was never stated that Robin kicked that guy off the balcony. The woman who died was an EX-girlfriend the ambassors' son raped and beat up repeatedly. She killed herself because he threatened to come back.

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