Thursday, September 27, 2012

Overview of Zero Issues

In order of favorite to least.


Title: Batwoman

Favorite Scene: Hard to chose because there were so many amazing scenes. I guess it would be the twist on her final test. I really like how it played on her temper and how Jake used it to see if she was ready. One of the many great bits showing how incredible these characters are.

Favorite Line: Another hard one. Kate Kane: "Or when I saw Batman in person for the first time and I realized that it could be anyone under that mask. Even me."

Things I wasn't fond of: ...I got nothing. No complaints.

To Sum Up: I don't like to throw around the term perfect because I believe that every comic has it's flaws. But at the moment I'm not sure if it has any. I'm sure fans don't like recapping on certain things but I don't mind. This was lovely and heartfelt.

Title: Teen Titans

Favorite Scene: Tims' first meeting with Batman. I was smiling ear to ear reading their exchanges. Tim telling him that his trail wasn't hard to follow then Batmans' remark for such a bold statement. No other book gave me such joy to read this month.

Favorite Line: The way Tim tries to apply for the sidekick spot like it's a normal thing was the funniest thing I read all month.

Tim Drake: "I want to apply for the job. As the new help. I want to sign whatever papers you want--indemnifying you from any trouble. I'm even willing to consider an unpaid internship."

Things I wasn't fond of: I didn't notice this in my first reading/review but apparently it's implied that Drake isn't his real last name. I'm not sure that will stick so I'm not too mad.

To Sum Up: This was a lot of fun to read. I love it when I'm enjoying a book so much I feel giddy. This would have tied or topped Batwoman except for the thing with his last name. I loved the amount of respect the book had for all the characters and Jasons' passing.

Title: Sword of Sorcery

Favorite Scene: Any bit in Gemworld. The coloring is amazing. But if i had to pick I guess when they first show up and the battle begins. Awesome stuff.

Favorite Line: Amy Winston: (After her mother explains why their appearance changed.) "I have the power to be blonde. Wow. I am sooooo thrilled with that."

Things I wasn't fond of: The attempted gang bang. One guy is bad enough. Seeing more than one guy try to attack Amys' sort of friend was very distrubing. I wish there wasn't so many sexual attacks in comics as it gets more than a little tiring and is upsetting. This comic could have been done without it but all things considered it was handled with far more tack than other books. I also wish this wasn't $3.99.

To Sum Up: Other than that one scene this was a solid read that I enjoyed. I thought Amys' mother was kickass and I hope she doesn't get killed. This is a fun pro-women book that I look forward to reading next month. Seeing a certain magic user pop up was certainly a pleasant surprise. The back up didn't annoy or bother me like I expected it to, it was interesting. That's a huge plus.

Title: Red Hood and the Outlaws

Favorite Scene: Besides the stuff with little Jason (that breaks your heart) the Joker POV story was the most entertaining part. Love it or hate it if it's true then there's a lot of story potential there. I'm actually surprised no one used this idea before, whether in an elseworlds or a one off story where Joker tries this.

Favorite Line: Jason Todd: (Talking about his dad) "I remember the night he took a bullet to the back. Good thing he was spineless."

Things I wasn't fond of: There was one panel that could be taken as Willis trying to pimp out his son. It was vague enough that it could have meant other things. I didn't like how Jasons' gusty nature was downplayed or how rushed certain parts were (Jasons' turn to Robin/the Joker keeping his mom alive.) Disliked the nods to Morrisons' Jason (i.e. his parents hair.) I didn't like Willis but I wasn't supposed to. There was something else I can't put my finger on that doesn't feel right with the family section.

To Sum Up: Disappointed to see some of the things I loved gone but other than that it was a good issue. But the Joker part really made this for me. That's a creepy twist that's actually rather smart. The best twist of the month actually. It makes it so not all the meetings with Batman and his Robins are by chance. I could see the Joker doing this and out of all the Robins Jason makes the most sense.

Title: Green Arrow

Favorite Scene: The two pages with Roy Harper. Not only does he match up with the Roy from RHATO we get a better look at his origins. No it's not entirely clear but it helps add to his tech know-how. It's nice to get a glimpse of his interaction with Ollie.

Favorite Line: Roy Harper: (After returning to phone he stole from the cop) "Quit whining. I jailbroke you thirty new apps and gave it voice recognition. Just don't be shocked if your phone calls you "Roy." "

Things I wasn't fond of: The story felt like it was being pushed into one issue when it could have been better in two. I'm not fond of Ollies' girlfriend being killed especially since we'll likely never hear of her again.

To Sum Up: This wasn't a mindblowing issue, it was okay. Not bad and got to the core of who Ollie is and why he changed.

Title: Batman and Robin

Favorite Scene: From the first fight to Talia showing Damian his promised kindom (the floor map/world.) Talia wasn't cruel but she still had a strong sense of her familys' vision. It's the most loving part in this issue where Damian seems the most innocent.

Favorite Line: I liked a few of Talias' lines but this one got me because it seems a little telling about Damian. It also reminds me of how Damian got angry when Jason points out that he's more like his mothers' side and how neither of them has great parents.

Talia al Ghul: "You are an Al Ghul first and a Wayne second. Remember that, my little Dark Knight."

Things I wasn't fond of: How Damian is still written as the greatest fighter ever. I mean it got to the point I didn't know whether to be annoyed or find it hilarious.

To Sum Up: Talia wasn't written as heartless as she has been in recent years and it was an entertaining read. This explains Damian a little better and we get a clearer picture on his relationship with his mother.

Title: Worlds' Finest

Favorite Scene: The two pages with the bat family being whole. Selina encouraging Helena after her first save then the next scene with Bruce being silenced by Selina. Lovely family moments that keep this from being at the bottom of the list.

Favorite Line: Selina Kyle Wayne: (Stopping Bruce from protesting Helena being Robin.) "Don't you know when the cat's got your tongue...?" (Makes out with him much to Helenas' embarrassment.)

Things I wasn't fond of: How Selina dies compared to Bruce. Things that seemed to be implied making this have a weird message.

To Sum Up: The vibe of the women of Earth 2 being helpless when their men aren't around. The wording for a lot of things just leave me thinking the writer doesn't realize this doesn't come off pro-woman.

Title: Nightwing

Favorite Scene: It was hard to find one because nothing really stood out for me. I think the first page with Dick running on top of the train but that's because it reminds me of scenes Chuck Dixon did in his Nightwing run. See as Nightwing Dick "train surfed" with Jason and Tim. It was cute and helped him bond with both of them. This doesn't take that turn but it brought up good memories.

Favorite Line: Mary Grayson: (While looking at her birthday gift that has Robins on it.) "Robins from my Robin...thank you. But you're still grounded."

I always loved Marys' nickname for Dick and how it starts a legacy. I'm glad they kept that but I also like that she doesn't let that affection stop her from being firm on his punishment.

Things I wasn't fond of: This is the dullest Dick Grayson I ever recall reading. Maybe that's unfair since this is the tale of how he loses his parents but origin stories are supposed to give you a feel for who the character is. I never got that. I hated the little things they added to make him more like the other bat kids especially the Cassandra Cain bit. That's not something you do if you plan on using that character again since it was a defining part of her.

To Sum Up: I could overlook how they turned the death of the Graysons into Marys' birthday complete with a gift that gets turned into a symbol much like Martha Waynes' pearls. But this doesn't have the Dick Grayson I know and love. As much as I rolled my eyes at the Robin arc in Batman and Robin that Dick Grayson had his humor, his goofy side. Even when serious it felt like the character. This feels like their trying too hard to make him interesting by giving him traits from other bat kids. Without those add ons he's fairly boring coming off as just a kid that deals with grief in a different manner than Bruce. That's it. They don't find Zucco, the man who murdered Dicks' parents. Instead with they get into a random fight with Shiva when she informs them how great Dick will be. I want to be shown this not told.


  1. It's true...Batwoman was sensational.

  2. I haven't seen a single complaint about it. Great stuff. :D