Wednesday, September 19, 2012

When Bruce adopted Cass

I think it was mentioned later on, I want to say in Gates of Gotham (maybe?), but this was when Bruce revealed his intentions to adopt Cass. A lot of people don't know about this one because it was in the horrible mini series after her "drugged into being a bad guy by Slade" period and just before R.I.P. I don't believe Bruce has spoken on panel with her since this scene. Oh and what Tim/Robin means by Dick not being happy? Dick was written as a jerk that basically kept calling Cass a killer. It made no sense.

Just to recap: Bruce adopted Dick, Jason, Tim, and Cass. Damian is his bio kid and DCnU Huntress is his kid from Earth 2. Extra points to those that can put the kids in order by who was adopted first to last.


  1. So in the DCnU, Tim is still Bruce's adopted son, but was never a Robin? I haven't been paying attention, but I assume Death in the Family and No Man's Land still happened? (Otherwise how did Bruce get introduced to Tim and Cass?) It's been a hectic 5 years, huh?

    The further we go into the DCnU, the less sense it makes to have rebooted Superman and not Batman. This is getting... complicated.

  2. I'll let you know when I read RHATO and TT. While I have RHATO #0 I'm just pacing myself before I read it since I needed a break after Nightwing #0 and it's said to be depressing given Jasons' backround. It's supposed to get more detailed on Jasons' death/return than the Superboy Prime punch. The writer of both RHATO and TT has said Jason and Tim are adopted. The first was mentioned on panel and the second was said in a twitter comment. Although Nightwing #0 doesn't mention Dick being Bruces' ward or adopted.

    Well DITF had to have happened because Jasons' death has been mentioned several times. The stated reason for Tims' "Red Robin" name change was because he wanted to respect Jasons' death and Bruces' grief (in the new 52 he must have taken over shortly after said death.)To my knowledge NML hasn't been mentioned after the relaunch but Snyder had it in Black Mirror.

    Yeah, I'm interested in seeing how the meet up with Superman works in RHATO since "For the Man that has Everything" is no longer canon and Superman was present in the original DITF.