Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Teen Titans #0

The issue that split the internet in half before it was even out. By the way this entire issue is about Tim Drake's origin, Bunker and Skitter don't have theirs explored.


For a long time Tim was my least favorite Robin. He was always too perfect in everything. After the relaunch I found myself liking him more. I can understand why long time fans are upset that their favorite parts are gone but canon isn't the same anymore. Tim couldn't have been as affected by Dick Grayson if the age gap is as small as it is. But I understand because I felt the same about the changes with Jason. I get why it has to change it just makes me sad to see things I love gone.

That said I loved this issue. While Tim still comes off a little too perfect he has his share of screw ups. Tim's reason for looking into Batman is a lot lessed stalker-ish than it used to be. He noticed Batmans' changed since Robin disappeared and wants to help. Bruce picks up on this investigation and tries to get him to stop. He doesn't, instead Tim tries to get Batmans' attention in a way that shows he's a little too sure of himself. By hacking into Mr. Cobblepots' accounts and giving the money to the poor. This blows up as a team on gunmen are sent to Tims' house. Now the obvious thought that comes to mind is "oh Tim gets his parents killed." Plot twist: He doesn't. They live but are in witness protective. Well IC. couldn't be canon anyway and what does this really change with the current stories? His parents are out of the picture.

This issue is told from Bruces' POV and deals a little bit with the aftermath of Jasons' death. While not as angry as he could be I think this is respectfully done. Tim's Batmans' partner but they already know he'll be forging his own path. I don't have a problem with this.

Did You Notice?: Shots of Bunker and Skitter on the bat computer. Since this is about a year or two in the past it's not too surprising.

The "Red Robin" costume is Tims' red Robin costume from Batman and Son. The picture of him and Batman is the same one Tim looks at in TT #1.

Say What?: Bruce says that he took Tim into his home and made him family. Basically yes, Tim's adopted too. So pretty much every Robin except Dick (who was a ward of the state) are Bruce Waynes' son in some respect.

Alfred thinks Jason wouldn't want the Robin legacy to die with him. Maybe but replacing him so soon didn't give him the best first impression.

Lobdell gives a little nod to the fact Tim and Jason currently work together with Bruce thinking of the things they have in common then believing they'd get along.

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