Friday, September 21, 2012

Jasons' adoption mention in DCnU

The talk about Cassandra Cains' adoption and the new 52 made me think of this. It might be explained more in the RHATO #0 issue but I'm holding off on reading that for a bit. I thought it was weird that Nightwing #0 didn't mention any adoption for Dick and I don't think he was Bruces' ward. (Have to re-read that section at some point.) Another fan mentioned that in the new 52 only Damain can have the title of son of Bruce Wayne. This confused me because it's brought up in RHATO a number of times. Usually in passing by Jason thinking of Bruce as a father but there was one panel where they mention what his relationship to Bruce is.

In RHATO #8 there's a flashback of a meeting with Tim and Jason exchanging information. While Jasons' flippantly refers to Bruce as "dad" Tim drives the point home on Jasons' connection to him.

Jason Todd: Hiding in plain sight. "Dad" would be so proud.
Tim Drake: Technically he's not your dad anymore. Not since you were declared legally dead, anyway.

I don't think that's correct from a legal stand point, you might not legally exist but you'd still be considered someones' adopted kid. But anyway if Dicks' not a ward or adopted then this still means Jason was the first bat kid Bruce adopted. On three different earths too.


  1. This whole Robin thing has me confused. Tim wasn't a Robin, Jason was, but now isn't, Damian was conceived when Bruce was 15 or something...who the heck knows?

  2. Although the issue of TT isn't out yet this was how it was mentioned in interviews. Tim added "Red" to honor the passing of Jason and respect Bruces' grief. While he's always officially been "Red Robin" it has got shortened to Robin by people. He's still a Robin in name and deed he just has Red added on.

    Huh? I haven't read RHATO 0 yet but last I checked Jason was still Robin.

    As far as I'm concerned Bruce was Batman for at least ten years. But if Morrison made Talia 26 then that means Bruce got her pregnant when she was a minor.