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Booster Gold #11 (Volume 1)

Booster gets a short but iconic hair cut! Well other things happen but this is important for continuity.


Title: "When Glass Houses Shatter"

The 1000 break out a supervillain named Shockwave. On more pressing matters Booster is pissed off to find out that the Boostermobile isn't one of a kind as Brysler plans on selling them to everyone.  Since this means even bad guys might be seen driving something with his logo on it this isn't a good thing. Dirk doesn't care since his mind is on his missing daughter and Trixie. Before he can tell Booster he hears about the deaths of Benny and Marty. Horrified Dirk can't say anything without fearing he's putting lives on the line. To make matters worse Trixies' aunt Jeanie arrives looking for her niece.

Jack Soo waits to see if the uniform he's making for Boosters' female sidekick will work. Shockwave goes to Boosters' place of business to cause some trouble.

Not knowing what to say on the subject of whether or not he drove Trixie home Dirk spins a lie. He says he started to put the moves on her, she didn't like it and got out of the car. Booster does not react well to the news that Dirk let her walk home alone which likely lead to her going missing and fires him on the spot. I remember there being a line in Booster Gold volume 2--which I'm paraphrasing--where Rose Levin says that no one's what they appear to be. That's always been true in the Booster Gold series. For volume 2 it was more or less to survive. Here it's usually to cope or to be who their expected to be. Dirks' own façade fails him miserably once he's fired and he's forced to give the 1000 the numbers to Boosters' computer.

Taking Jeanie to safety (while thoroughly charming her) Booster starts his battle with Shockwave. One he's not doing to well in since his powers are draining. Back with the 1000 it seems that Trixie managed to keep quiet for two days on what she knows about Booster. The Director threatens to harm her aunt if she doesn't give him information which she reluctantly gives. Granted all she knows is Boosters' real name and that he's from the future but it pleases the Director nonetheless. Inside her cell she comforts Sarah wondering how Dirk could keep such a sweet girl a secret from them.

Booster realizes that all his suits' powers draining and the only thing that works 100% is his flight ring. Alas the building comes down leaving Dirk to escape with the cats and since it's Sunday no one else was in the building. The trio of Booster, Skeets and Shockwave fight in the rubble. Jeanies' not thrilled with Dirk still believing him to be a pervert. Skeets is soon hacked into without anyone being the wiser. All seems lost when Dirk gets his greatest moment. Overhearing that the 1000 paid Shockwave pushes him to the breaking point getting him to rush in armed with a garden hose. He tries to tie it around Shockwave who easily tosses him aside. Still it gives Booster an idea. Creating a hole in the villains' suit he puts the hose in and turns on the water. This makes short work of him leading to Dirk finally coming clean about everything. The Director casts a holo-image up to give the invite to their final battle. Booster promises only one of them will leave alive.

This was more dramatic than funny which isn't something I can complain about. The serious turn doesn't feel out of place which had a lot to do with the pacing. The weakest part was likely Shockwave but I didn't think he was a problem since he was just a tool the 1000 was using. Much like Booster Dirk shows hidden depths and you can see what direction Jurgens wanted to take the character. Sadly Dirk doesn't get to have a good ending thanks to editorial mandates. Even so this marks a turning point with the supporting cast and lead as their trusting each other more. It also shows how much Booster cares for them and starts to realize that he's unintentionally putting them in danger. At the end he threatens for the Director and him to fight to the death which is the first time he's made a death threat. The subject of whether he'll take a life isn't presented in a cut and dry manner in future issues. If I recall right I don't think he ever gives a firm stance on the subject in this title although it is explored more once the character goes on to other books. Get ready for the first real challenge for Booster Gold.

Did You Notice? As I already mentioned Booster has an important hair cut. Basically this is how you tell his start with the JLI is coming as it's the same look he sports when he joins.

The 1000 seem to have a purple sweat wear policy for their prisoners.

Say What?: Booster uses Shazam as a curse.

The office cats of Jack and Jill were given to Booster by Reagan.

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